Here we talk about the benefits of crabs, they are low in carbohydrates, fat and calories. First we tell you about the nutrition levels in Crabs. The first one is there is a low fat protein, when we eat 100 grams of crabs there is just 20 gram protein in it. The second one is Crabs is rich in Vitamin B12 , when we eat 100 grams of crabs there is 10 mg of B12. The third one is they also have Sodium, when we eat 100 grams of crabs there is 900 mg sodium and they . They also rich in Omega-3. Here we go to tell you about the benefits of crabs.

1.Protects The Hearts: Crabs is high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Many people assume that all fats are bad but Omega-3s are good that balance your cholesterol level and promote Anti-Inflammatory Activity throughout the body. Crabs can reduce blood pressure and can saves you from heart attack and stroke.

2.Promotes Bones Health: Calcium is important for bones. After calcium, phosphorus is the second most crucial substance for the health of bones and a Mineral normally found in a Human body. Phosphorus is also crucial for the health of teeth. Crab is an excellent for those who has family history of Osteoporosis and is at a higher risk of developing. If you wants to maintain an active lifestyle I recommend you to take this in your routine.

3.Improves Blood Sugar Metabolism: Crabs have high amount of chromium, which helps to improve the Blood Sugar Metabolism. They also reducing the blood glucose levels in the body. The chromium in crabs simplifies the process of insulin and prevents diabetes.

4.Increase Circulation: One of the many benefits of crabs is, its ability to increase blood circulation. It is also rich in iron. It is one of the important mineral that present in the body, iron is helpful for making red blood cells, so the blood can easily flow throughout the body. This will help the wounds to heal faster.

5.Good For Eyesight: Vitamin A is very useful to improve your weak eyesight. Crabs can be a delicious way to improve your eye health because, it is a powerhouse of Vitamin A that cannot only improves weak eye sight but it also prevents the factors that contribute to them.

6.Prevents Acne: Crabs are very useful for getting rid of acne problems. Crabs containing zinc which helps to control oil production in the skin and also heals from skin problems such as eczema, dandruff and rashes etc.

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